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BASIR is providing all legal services (including legal advisory services, attorney at disputes, collecting debts and doing expert affairs in various fields, setting up internal and external contracts, conducting customs affairs and etc.), through experienced attorney and legal consultant and official experts of justice based on the related field.

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Protecting and preserving clients' rights are the main goals of the institute

Talie Edalat Basir Law Institute registered under the No. 33991 provides any kind of services including legal, criminal, notarial and family affairs and also conducts expert affairs by official experts of justice. The most experienced specialists and lawyers of Justice are working with us and we are ready to provide advisory services and all kind s of legal services.

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Some of Talie Edalat Basir Law Institute services are as follows:

Attorney at criminal cases

Criminal disputes are lawsuits brought under criminal law, and a person by referring to a judicial authority claims that have been damaged as a result of the crime and seeks a punishment for who has been committed the crime.

Attorney at legal cases and registration

Legal disputes are brought directly to the courts of justice and no longer need to be referred to the Islamic Revolutionary Court, but are first brought to trial and considered.

Notarial affairs of companies and institutes

The institute provides any kinds of registration and notarial services, and referrals to the corporate registration office to do administrative procedures of registering different types of companies, as well as, setting up minutes, registering brands and changes, obtaining economic code and commercial card, referrals to tax office and etc.

Arbitration affairs

Accept arbitration in all contracts including domestic and international.

Expert services

The law institute provides all expert services in fields of land and property and clients’ assets for opening Letter of credit (LC)

Collecting debts

The institute accept power of attorney in cases of collecting outstanding debts for organizations, companies, banks, financial and credit institutes.

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